Eyelash Extensions

Whether you're looking to elevate your everyday look with a classic set or after something a little more glam, I can customise a lash set to suit you. All eyelash extensions will be tailored to suit your face, the look you're after but most importantly, they will be chosen to maintain the health of your own natural lashes.

I currently offer 3 styles of Lash Extensions.

1. Classic Set

2. Hybrid Set

3. 3D Volume Set

The time taken to do a set of Eyelash Extensions varies from client to client. I aim to cover 100% of the natural lashes to ensure the best possible result for you . Appointment times for a full set vary anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. If you have lots of natural lashes, this will result in a longer appointment. 

Please arrive at your appointment on time and wearing NO eye makeup. I love to chat (too much), but unfortunately this slows down my lashing speed. Please use this quiet time as an opportunity to relax, unwind or even take a nap. 

Be aware that if you arrive to your lash appointment with any infection, irritation or damage to the eye without any prior notice, your appointment will be cancelled and not rebooked until the health of your eye is maintained. 

Eyelash extensions are available from Sunday-Friday. After hours appointments available. Not currently taking Saturday bookings. 

Price List



Classic: $120

Hybrid: $140

3D Volume: $160

*Please keep in mind, how a set of eyelashes look on one person to the next will vary based on the individuals natural eyelashes (quantity, thickness, health etc). 

*Please note that I, the lash technician have the right to decline any request that may hinder the health and quality of your natural lashes. 


Classic: $60

Hybrid: $70

Volume: $80

*Please note the cost of refills are for 3 weeks or less since your initial appointment. Anything over 3 weeks will be charged at the cost of a full set. Lashes must be at least 40% full to qualify for a refill. 

Removal: $20

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